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Fibre Packages

Fibre Packages

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Fibre Packages

Fiber packages refer to bundles of optical fibers that are used for transmitting data, light, or power over long distances. These packages typically contain a large number of individual fibers that are encased in a protective outer jacket, and they are commonly used in telecommunications, internet infrastructure, and industrial applications. The fibers themselves are made of glass or plastic and use a process called total internal reflection to guide light or data through the fiber.

Fiber packages can come in various sizes and configurations depending on the specific application, and they offer many advantages over traditional copper wire, including faster data transmission speeds, lower signal attenuation, and greater bandwidth capacity.


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Fibre FTTP Package

Superfast FTTP 40/10, Superfast FTTP 55/10, Superfast FTTP 80/20, Superfast FTTP 160/30, Superfast FTTP 220/20, Superfast FTTP 330/50, Superfast FTTP 550/75, Superfast FTTP 1000/115


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