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How it works

So you like the look of our plans, let us explain how this really works.

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4G broadband signals

4G broadband signals are transmitted by mobile phone networks over cell towers, which links to the internet. These signals are the same used with the latest mobile technology. such as smartphones and tablets.

But why stop there? The Shack has put plans together to utilise this same technology to provide fast, reliable broadband to your door.

We Provide the best possible internet for rural areas and cities alike.

Why choose Broadband Shack

Tired of slow broadband? Not able to stream your latest series on Netflix?
Your 4G Installation Explained
99.9% Signal Availability

We can cover virtually all the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Superfast Support

Our support centre is UK based. Whenever you call, you’ll have the best possible support on hand.

Not affected by weather

4G technology, unlike satellite, isn’t affected by rainstorms or heavy snow.

4g installation
Cooling off period

As with any contract, you’ll have 14 days to change your mind, no problem.

Our Coverage

First thing we need to do is make sure that our coverage reaches you. (Don’t worry, this is a simple check from us, nothing for you to do) It is at this point we find out what kind of 4G installation you need.

If coverage is great for inside and outside then your installation could be as simple as us popping your equipment in the post and you plugging it in, NO phone, NO mess! Sounds great…right?

5G installation

Best Possible Speeds

If your inside coverage is not as good as we would like it to make sure you are receiving the best possible speeds and performance then we would need to arrange one of our professional engineers to visit you and install an external antenna (with a maximum cable run of 5 metres from the antenna to the router)

If this is the case then the team at the Shack with take care of routing your 4G installation and keeping you up to date all the way through till your installed and ready to go.

Professional Engineers

Once our professional engineer has completed the 4G installation, he will show you how the service works and complete some speed tests to show you how fantastic your new broadband really is! After this, we will also provide you with a completely free wireless survey of your property and point out any weak spots in coverage from the wireless router. 

This is common with larger properties or older buildings with thick walls. It would be at this point you can then choose to purchase any WI-FI boosters or additional hardware to make sure your whole property can benefit from your new broadband connection.