BBS eSims


Competitively prices to beat the major networks

Re-programmed "over the air"

End users do not want to manage and fund engineers swapping out SIM cards in every device. They also do not want to be locked into pricing, due to the cost of switching.

Un-steered and network agnostic

The service is completely network-agnostic and by being un-steered, we offer the best possible service in any location. The eSIM will always enable devices to connect to the best available cellular network and customers can also manually select networks. 

Multi network coverage

We can use all four major UK networks along with 90 EU networks to offer global coverage using 450 networks across 190 countries.


•BBS eSIM provides access to over 450 networks in over 190 countries
•eSIMs do not need to be swapped out, instead they can be re-programmed over-the-air
•eSIM can be seen as a container for multiple SIM profiles (which can be added to / updated OTA)
•A single eSIM can potentially have multiple connectivity options at any given time
•Coverage of the UK on BBS eSIM includes the big 4 UK MNOs (EE, Vodafone, Three & O2)
•BBS eSIM Multinet is unlike most other MVNOs in that we do not have a ’home’ network
•In the UK the BBS eSIM is able to connect to the strongest network, with no steering and no network preference 

Key Features

•Global Coverage
•Re-programmable OTA
•Comprehensive UK Coverage – UK IP Breakout
•No Home Network – Completely un-steered
•Fixed IP
•PPZ options
•Competitively priced