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5G Installation Explained

With Broadband Shack’s 5G Installation, rural communities can now enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds that were once only available in urban areas, enabling them to stream, learn, work, and connect like never before.

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5G Installation – Struggling with poor mobile reception? Not a problem with a Broadband Shack 5G Installation!

5G Broadband
To receive your 5G installation at your property, we fit a small antenna to the exterior of your property.
This antenna will then link straight into your new 5G wireless router. We are then bringing in the signal from outside of your property. If you are not able to get 5G on your mobile phones, the shack will still have you covered with a fast internet connection because of this.
Broadband Shack have a range of different antennas and 5G routers for every different type of installation. We are able to provide great advice over the phone using our tools to survey your property. For you less time wasted on the day for our installer and also saving you money.

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With access to high-speed internet, rural residents can access entertainment and social media, stay connected with family and friends, and enjoy other benefits of modern technology.

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5G Router

We are always looking at the market to make sure that we provide all our customers with the best quality hardware at the right price.
Once you have placed your order, our friendly installation team will contact you within 48 hours. At this point, we will confirm an appointment that suits you for installation. We offer a 10 working day lead time from point of order to installation. We have found that most of the time this is actually within 7 days!
Standard 5G installations normally take our engineers between 1-2 hours to complete. Once completed, our 5G engineer will show you the system working. Thus making sure that you are happy with your new fast 5G broadband service.
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How Does 5G Installation work

So you like the sound of 5G Installation? Get booked in with Broadband Shack today.

The installation of a 5G (fifth generation) mobile network requires several steps, including site selection, network planning, and equipment installation. The first step involves selecting suitable sites to install the 5G base stations. The sites should have a high density of potential users and be accessible for maintenance purposes. Next, network planning is conducted to ensure that the 5G coverage is optimized for the intended area. This involves analyzing factors such as the terrain, the existing network infrastructure, and the availability of backhaul connectivity. Once the site selection and network planning are completed, the 5G base stations and antennas are installed. These stations transmit and receive data over the air using millimeter-wave frequencies. The 5G base stations are then connected to the core network through fiber optic cables, enabling high-speed data transfer. The final step is the installation of 5G-enabled devices, such as smartphones and routers, to access the 5G network. Overall, 5G installation requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and a robust network infrastructure to provide high-speed and reliable internet connectivity.

Frequently asked 4G questions

Standard installations normally are completed within 1-2 hours by our engineers.

Yes, if you are having an external antenna fitted we will need to fit this to a outside wall. Normally using a small bracket which needs 4 fixing wholes to hold the bracket.

Yes, again if you are having an external antenna fitted we would need to drill a hole through your wall to bring the cable down from the antenna inside your property to connect to the 4G wireless router. Our friendly engineer will explain this to you on the day and will also make sure that when he leaves everything is made water tight.

If in the event we are not able to get a service for you over 10Mbps download we would not install the service for you. At this point the engineer will talk you through and we will then provide you a full refund. (if we are able to get a speed above 10Mbps and you do not want the system for any reason charges will be incurred)

This is NOT the case. As we have mentioned above, we are able to provide a fast broadband service to area where your mobile phone cannot reach. If you are concerned about this we can complete a full survey for you to show you what you are able to achieve.

No, in some cases we are able to send you our plug and play 4G router and away you go, online within 48 hours of ordering. Please check with us before placing this type of order as we need to qualify that you are in the correct service area for this.

For some properties this may well be the case but if you do live in a larger property or if you know that the structure of you property is more dense than normal than please advise our sales agent so they can advise you on our different range of products to make sure that you can receive a fantastic Wi-Fi signal around the whole of your property.